Open Technology Fund

Open Technology Fund screenshot

Open Technology Fund – 2013 - 2020 The Open Technology Fund (OTF) is an independent non-profit organization committed to advancing global Internet freedom. OTF supports projects focused on counteracting repressive censorship and surveillance, enabling citizens worldwide to exercise their fundamental human rights online.


Reset screenshot

Reset – 2020 “We are an initiative engaged in programmatic work on technology and democracy. We provide grants and contracts while working alongside partners with a shared policy, technology, and advocacy goal in countries with immediate opportunities for change.

APPG on Digital Regulation and Responsibility

APPG on Digital Regulation and Responsibility screenshot

APPG on Digital Regulation and Responsibility – 2020 The All Party Parliamentary Group on Digital Regulation and Responsibility brings together parliamentarians from all parties and both Houses, as well as leading voices from industry and civil society, to explore how the UK can deliver a robust, effective and world-leading digital regulatory regime.

Bypass Censorship

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BypassCensorship – 2019 - 2020 BypassCensorship address the issue of censorship affecting audiences globally by connecting people to effective tools that make it possible for them to access the Internet and the vital information they need. It is a collaboration between BBC, U.

Combonetwork development

Combonetwork development screenshot

combonet.se – 1999 - 2020 Combonet is a virtual service company. The services cover Internet, Yoga, computers, journalism, analysis, university education, administration and a lot of other thing we enjoy doing. Combonet has a company idea rather than a business idea.


Drupalsnack screenshot

Drupalsnack – 2012 - 2017 Drupalsnack is a podcast about Drupal in Swedish. I started the podcast and built the web site. We are now three hosts. The logo was done by Clas Bohman from SthlmConnection. It’s a very simple site.

Helmer Grundström

Helmer Grundström screenshot

Helmer Grundström – 2017 - 2020 This is a site for the Helmer Grundström Society (Helmer Grundström-Sällskapet). Helmer Grundström (29 February 1904 - 29 May 1986) was a Swedish author and poet, born in the village of Svanavattnet in Ångermanland.

Ivar Jacobson International

Ivar Jacobson International screenshot

Ivar Jacobson International – 2015 - 2019 Ivar Jacobson International is a global services company providing high quality consulting, coaching and training solutions for customers implementing enterprise-scale agile software development. I built the site in Drupal 7 and the theme based on a design that the company provided.

Practice library from Ivar Jacobson

Practice library from Ivar Jacobson screenshot

Practice library – 2016 - 2019 The first free-to-browse practice library leveraging the power of the Essence standard. I took over this Drupal 7 site to fix outstanding issues and implement Drupal best practices like moving all configuration to code.

Svenska Bridgeförbundet

Svenska Bridgeförbundet screenshot

Svenska Bridgeförbundet – 2014 The Swedish Bridge Association (the card game) with some 30000 members needed a new web site as part of a IT-system upgrade. A first version has been released in time for the big summer Bridge festival.