The Dissident Blog (PEN)

The Dissident Blog (PEN) screenshot

The dissident Blog is a project by Svenska PEN (part of International Pen). They work for freedom of expression, help journalist and authors that are jailed and many other things. They make the world a better place, just the kind of organisation I want to work with.

The project was lead by SthlmConnection and they asked me to take part.

The design is by Johan Rutherhagen. It's so mush more fun to work on a sites that you think looks good!

I built the first ruff version of the site with content types, views, internationalisation support and a theme based on ninesixty. The site has “Issues” like a newspaper and use node references to link articles to issues. Articles are sorted with draggable views, editors will see a “Sort articles” button that when clicked will reveal a sorting view.

I implemented an ajax based translation switcher. The ajax support in Drupal 7 is nice so it was easier than I had expected. Look for a blue “Original Language” button on the top right of articles if you want to try it out. It has rtl support as well.

SthlmConnection then took over and added all the spit and polish. Implemented the final design, added workflows, help texts, made everything translatable, customer feedback and all the other thousand things you need to do before a site is ready to lunch.

I think the final result turned out very nice indeed and I'm glad that SthlmConnection gave me the opportunity to be part of this project.