Web development by Fredrik Jonsson

Fredrik Jonsson

Fredrik Jonsson

Web developer & Linux sysadmin

I do contract work in web development and system administration. I’m based in Sweden and work via the service company Combonetwork development.

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Jag utför konsultuppdrag inom webb-utveckling och system-administration. Min bas är i Sverige och jag arbetar via tjänsteföretaget Combonetwork development.

För att kontakta Fredrik använd detta kontaktformulär.


Some of the software and languages I use:


Hugo logo

Hugo is an open source static site generator. With its amazing speed and flexibility, Hugo makes building websites fun again. I have developed my own base theme for it, frjo/hugo-theme-zen.

A static site has a number of advantages:

  • The site consist only of static files (html, css, js and images) so it is really fast and can be hosted almost anywhere. GitHub pages, Amazon S3 or the most simple shared web host.
  • No code to keep updated, no security patches to worry about. The site can be deployed and “forgotten” and will just work.
  • Can be edited and deployed with neat services like Forestry.io

Django and Wagtail

Django and Wagtail CMS is a good fit for many larger and more complex web sites.

System administration

Debian logo

Debian GNU/Linux is what I prefer to use for servers. It defines solid and stable.

I have experience with installation, configuration and optimization of LAMP servers for small and medium sites (Linux, Apache, MariaDB/MySQL and PHP). Using APCu, OPcache, Memcache, separate static file server and CDN:s etc. for improving the performance. Setting up Apache Solr on Tomcat as a search solution.

I mainly use VPS solutions, they are good value for the money and very flexible. Customers with small demands use a shared VPS and customers with big demands normally have there own servers that I help setup and configure. I use Ansible playbooks for all configurations of a server.



Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It’s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world.

I have experience with various CMS systems since 2000 and with Drupal since 2004. From 2006 I have worked almost exclusively as a Drupal developer. Here follows a selection of Drupal related services that I can offer my clients:

  • Building modern Drupal sites with Entities, Views, Context/Panels, Rules and Features etc.
  • Development of new modules and custom extensions to existing modules.
  • Set up a development and deployment environments.
  • Version control with Git.
  • Drush, the Drupal shell.
  • Theme development.
  • Automated backup of files and databas.

I am not a designer but can take a design and implement is as a Drupal Theme. I know CSS and SASS well.

I prefer function and accessibility before whizz bang effects. A nice sprinkle of jQuery magic, like with the Colorbox module when function meets nice effects, is however very much liked.

I’m a strong believer in using Drupal Coding standards and Writing secure code.